July 11, 2023

Book revives memories of beloved northern Ont. ghost town

Article by: CTV News Northern Ontario

A group of local authors have come together to create a book about the Village of Creighton Mine.

Located 24 kilometres west of downtown Sudbury, the Village of Creighton Mine was founded in 1900. Like a lot of little mining towns in the northeast, it gradually faded away, closing in 1988.

A trio of former residents got together in March to create a living memory book.

Earl Waytowich is one of the co-authors of ‘Heartfelt Memories of Creighton Mine.’

In a period of three months we put together some 300 odd pages of a town that no longer exists,” Waytowich said.

“A lot of history there,” added co-author John Tricco.

“My families were there and their relatives (were) born, lived and died there, so it’s a pretty special place to us.”

Contributor Erna Fex said the book brings the memories alive.

“The pictures, the graphics … the anecdotes of certain people — many people — this book brings it alive,” said Fex.

Last weekend, a reunion of former residents of the village was held. As for the book, it’s quickly selling out of its first edition.

“Stories (of) people living, growing up, it’s important to capture that for the future generation, my children, my grandchildren and others,” said co-author Alex Kowalenko.

All of the profits from the book will be donated to the Sudbury Women’s Centre. Officials there said getting external donations like this means everything to their operation.

So far, sales from the book have generated $3,000 in donations.

For now, books can be purchased by emailing Alex Kowalenko directly here.

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