Article by YWCA Sudbury

Since August 1981, the Sudbury Women’s Centre has been working to provide a safe place for women to seek help and refuge when at times, there is nowhere else to turn. The non-profit, charitable organization, which is managed by 3 staff and 10 volunteers, is dedicated to providing information, referrals, and support services to women who have been impacted by violence and/or difficult life circumstances. The Centre promotes women’s status and well-being by offering key tools and resources that assist women in addressing issues of systematic discrimination and violence. The staff and volunteers at the Sudbury Women’s Centre continue to put in countless hours to make the Centre run. They continually create innovative ways to raise funds, apply for grants and keep working so that women can find solace. For example, this past year the team hosted a fundraiser called “My Sister’s Closet-Online Auction” which brought in over $1,000.00 for the Centre.

The Sudbury Women’s Centre has been in existence since 1981. On average, over 9,000 women access the Centre on a yearly basis. Within the last year, the Centre has truly flourished under new management, specifically in regard to partnerships and program offerings.  The Centre’s Programs include sewing circle, LGBTQ support groups, Sister’s Offering Support (SOS), Self-Compassion, Collective Kitchen, Safety Plans, New Beginning Workshops, Violence Prevention Workshops, and My Sister’s Closet –an affordable store available for women and children.

With an average of 150-250 women per week visiting the Centre, the staff and volunteers continue to be innovative and demonstrate true leadership within our community.

“The Sudbury Women’s Centre is a place that strives and succeeds to make us feel supported and normal through the moments of struggle”

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