Article and media by CTV News Northern Ontario

SUDBURY — Officials say this luncheon is way to recognize women in the community for all they do.

“To show the growth of women and understand that there are a lot of difficult life situations that women go through, and that we’re here to support them,” said Giulia Carpenter, from the Sudbury Women’s Centre.

Anne Belanger shared her story about walking into the women’s centre roughly 25 years ago for the first time, and again a few years later, after going through a crisis where she needed support.

“I really needed help and I happened to walk right into the women’s centre that day, and I was just so amazed at how professional they were, and how they guided me, “ said Belanger.

They gave me resources and they offered me peer support for that situation which I actually went to for a year I believe.”

Carpenter says the centre sees up to 200 women per week, which works out to around 9,000 every year. She says that number keeps increasing.

“Just this year, so our physical year, we’ve had five hundred and seventy new intakes that have come into the centre. That is a huge increase that we’ve seen in previous years so the need is huge. It’s definitely something, we’re always looking for supplies, we are always looking for financial donations,” said Carpenter.

One of the guest speakers was Beth Mairs, who shared her thoughts on the importance of recognizing women and their accomplishments.

“We are creators, we can take something from nothing and create organizations, communities, children, families, homes and I think that those qualities are the important key qualities we need right now culturally and globally,” said Mairs.

Funds raised from this event will be going towards the Centre’s programs for those who need it the most in the community.