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Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking Prevention and Safety

Sudbury Women’s Centre (SWC) helps in cases of sexual abuse and human trafficking prevention and safety; however, we are seeing in increased need for safe intervention strategies where girls and women are concerned.


Victims and/or survivors are at-risk due to a number of factors, including gender, ethnicity, age, low income, addictions and mental health concerns, and physical health. From the Government of Canada’s National Consultations Discussion Paper – The Way Forward to End Human Trafficking: “The populations at greatest risk of trafficking are those exposed to a number of overlapping risk factors in their lives and those who are among more disadvantaged or marginalized groups. Children, adolescent girls, and women tend to be most at risk of sexual trafficking and exploitation.”


From the statistics identified by the HTNCC, the latest Juristat on Trafficking in Persons in Canada (July 2017, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics) indicates that between 2009 and 2016, 95% of human trafficking victims in Canada were female, 70% were women under the age of 25, and one quarter were under 18 (25%).


COVID-19 has highlighted a need for intervention in situations that are happening amidst the pandemic. When home is the safest place for many, that is not always the case for these women. We are here to help. If you or someone you know may be in trouble, please reach out to one of our Client Support Workers to plan for your safety.
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